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YOU Are Invited; MMA Tweetchat Looks At Mobile Marketing Hot Trends

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tweetchatWith the MMA Forum (London, October 4-5)– the premiere mobile marketing knowledge and networking event organized by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) — just three weeks away, MobileGroove brings industry authorities and pundits together to debate the hot trends and topics moving up the global brands agenda.

Grab a pew at the MMA Tweetchat (September 20) and follow the edgy and informative exchange with Paul Berney, MMA CMO, and Tomi Ahonen, independent consultant, influential blogger and seven-time best-selling author.

Knowing Tomi (as we all do!) the discussion will be candid, open and extremely worthwhile.

Tough questions, lively debate

Join us to deep-dive into three key topics:

Q1. Mobile marketing is global, what are the learnings from other markets that matter most?

Q2. Coupons, QR codes, LBS, Augmented Reality, Apps: what are the hot trends in mobile marketing?

Q3. What were the real surprises from the Google and MMA mobile research?

How do I participate?

The Tweetchat will take place in Tuesday, September 20, at 5pm UK, 6:00 pm Johannesburg, 7:00pm Istanbul, (Find your time zone here). Just follow the #mmaf2011 hashtag on Twitter and include it in your tweets during the chat. We recommend using, which loads tweets faster and enters the hashtag automatically -you can sign in using your Twitter account. I will host this live, online chat on Twitter –  all you have to do is follow the hashtag on Twitter and bring your best questions for our guests.

Google findings

By way of background, the MMA and Google teamed up in 2011 for the MMA Forum New York and MMA Forum London, to collaborate on an ambitious global research study to provide insights into how people are using their mobile devices and the readiness of businesses to engage consumers via mobile.

The research, titled Global Mobile Research: The Smartphone User & The Mobile Marketer, was conducted by Ipsos GmbH and TNS Infratest and based on the results of two surveys: an online survey of thousands of mobile consumers in 30 countries, and a telephone survey of 1,000 marketing decision makers, 200 in five key markets.

Among the key findings (based on a subset of the data which focused on five countries: US, UK, France, Germany and Japan):

  • A significant number of smartphone users accessed the Internet via their smartphone every day of the past seven days (U.S.- 58 percent, U.K. – 55 percent, France – 59 percent, Germany – 45 percent, Japan – 78 percent)
  • Many users go online via their smartphones multiple times a day (U.S.-53 percent, U.K. – 49 percent, France – 47 percent, Germany – 42 percent, Japan – 68 percent)
  • Smartphone users have looked for local information on their mobile devices (U.S.- 90 percent, U.K. – 81 percent, France – 83 percent, Germany – 85 percent, Japan – 90 percent). What’s more, these local information seekers have taken action after looking up local content (U.S.- 87 percent, U.K. – 80 percent, France – 83 percent, Germany – 79 percent, Japan – 80 percent)
  • Across the board, consumers are using their smartphone while in a store (U.S.-82 percent, U.K. – 68 percent, France – 82 percent, Germany – 65 percent, Japan – 75 percent). But it’s not just about assistance and information. Consumers are  also making purchases on their mobile device (U.S.- 29 percent, U.K. – 28 percent, France – 17 percent, Germany – 28 percent, Japan – 45 percent)
  • Mobile commerce strategies primarily target upper funnel activities, with 65 percent of respondents reporting that their mobile strategy targets the research phase of the shopping process
  • Only a fraction of businesses in the five countries report having mobile optimized sites (U.S.- 33 percent, U.K. – 17 percent, France – 12 percent, Germany – 37 percent, Japan – 43 percent)
  • Fewer than a third of businesses surveyed have an app (U.S.- 19 percent, U.K. – 15 percent, France – 18 percent, Germany – 26 percent, Japan – 10 percent)

The first set of results can be viewed in a presentation available here.

Spread the word

MMA Forum LondonThe MMA project with Google and other research partners is ongoing — and a highlight of next week’s Tweetchat will be a discussion of these findings and a preview of some of the  additional data points that will be unveiled at the MMA Forum in London (October 4-5).

If you want to find out more about how you can harness the mobile channel to drive positive results for your business, brand or organization, then register to attend the MMA Forum London and connect with the leading thought leaders in the mobile marketing world.


Tweetchat – be there!

Everyone across the industry is welcome to join in and participate, so please share with anyone who you think might be interested. We’d love for anyone who’s interested to join, and share their thoughts on the subject.

So please, let us know if you’re interested, post any questions or topics you’d like to see discussed, let other people who might be interested know about the chat, and join us:

Event: Tweetchat on hot mobile marketing trends, topics and stats

Where: Twitter

When: Tuesday, September 20, 5pm GMT (Find your time zone here)

How: Follow the  #mmaf2011 hashtag on Twitter – and chime in!