Podcast: Taptu Reports Mobile Web Growing Faster Than Apps; Will Visual Search Take On New Meaning On Touchscreen Devices?

Topic: Media, Search | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: May 13, 2010

mobile commerce sitesIn brief: Steve Ives, Taptu CEO, recounts the key takeaways of the new report showing the growth of Mobile Touch Web sites outpaces the growth of apps in the Apple and Android app stores why commerce rocks on the Mobile Touch Web PLUS a look a the Virtual Roundtable and what mobile industry entrepreneurs, authorities and pundits think about the Mobile Touch Web and the potential impact on how we live, work and shop.

Taptu, the search and discovery engine that indexes touchscreen content, reports that the Mobile Touch Web – websites and destinations created specifically for access via touchscreen devices such as the Apple iPhone – has grown 35 percent since last quarter. Unlike other mobile Web content, this content stands out through finger-friendly layouts and light-weight pages that are faster to load over cellular networks. The report, which covers January 2010 thru April 2010, also shows Mobile Touch Web sites rose to 440,100 from 326,600 in January.

Guest Column: Drowning In A Sea Of Content; How To Cut Through The Clutter?

Topic: Search | Author: Colm Healy | Date: December 17, 2009

Editor's note: A range of content discovery issues continue to plague mobile operators and content companies on-portal. Add the explosion of content off-portal and the advance of applications stores and finding (and buying) what we like can be like looking for a proverbial needle in hay stack.

recommended apps

Making Media Pay; Has Kooaba Cracked The Code? PLUS Last Call For The Digital 100

Topic: Search | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: August 26, 2009

In brief: The discussion of paid content comes to a head with Murdoch's decision to charge for content – no matter what. Is this prudent? What options are available to publishers? We take a look at some ideas and profile a path-breaking new concept from mobile visual search/recognition company Kooaba that may allow old media to leapfrog into new profits. Plus: an invitation to cool digital companies to contact me personally.

Regular readers will know that I work with a variety of organizations and publications, evaluating companies and candidates for awards ranging from the Meffys (awarded by the Mobile Entertainment Forum to recognize excellence and innovation in mobile entertainment and services) to the Smaato Mobile Advertising Awards (recognizing the best in mobile Web and in-app advertising) to the EContent 100 (a list of the 100 companies that matter most in the digital content industry).

econtent magazineI am proud that EContent named me to its panel of judges to evaluate the 100+ candidates across the categories: classification & taxonomy; collaboration; content commerce; content creation, production, & digital publishing; content delivery; content management; content security; fee-based info services; intranets & portals; mobile content; search engines & technologies; and social media. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the many mobile and Internet companies that have contacted me to be considered for inclusion in the list, and issue a final call for candidates.

Round 1 of the judging wraps up on September 1, so please reach out to me this week. (Please note that your contacting me does not compel me to put any company name on the final list of contenders and, of course, in no way guarantees that any company will be named to the list.)

This year my participation in the judging team has not only introduced me to a number of new mobile industry innovators (companies you'll see profiled on MSearchGroove in the coming weeks). It has also exposed me to new thinking about digital content creation and distribution.

The industry is at a critical crossroads. A milestone that speaks volumes: the storm brewing the media and digital industries after Rupert Murdoch’s very public announcement (after posting record losses of $203 million last quarter) that his News Corporation intends to charge for online newspaper content.


SPECIAL REPORT: GETTING PERSONAL Openwave Adds Mobile Analytics; Are Gateway Providers The Ones To Watch? PLUS New Report/Project With GigaOM Pro

Topic: Search | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: August 19, 2009

In brief: A sneak peek at my upcoming personalization report and a request for case studies. The second in the series on mobile personalization examines Openwave and features an exclusive Q&A with Mayur Pitamber, Openwave Product Management Strategist. We ask the question: Is Openwave gearing up for something big?

openwave mobile analytics

It was great to have the last days off and even better to map out an exciting line-up of MSearchGroove projects for the next months. One that I am particularly honored to announce: my collaboration with GigaOM Pro, the new research arm of the highly-respected tech blog GigaOM. By way of background, GigaOM Pro has brought together an impressive roster of industry authorities and analysts (including my esteemed colleague Chetan Sharma) to "address the gap that exists in real-time expert industry analysis on emerging technology markets." The GigaOM Pro solution: Make timely, highly relevant analysis and insights accessible and practical.

I'm on board to write an in-depth examination of personalization and recommendation technologies and business models, a natural next step given my long track record analyzing mobile search and my deep involvement in the recommender space. (This includes work with Strands, a major provider of recommender systems, on recommender industry events including RecSys 09 - October 22-25, NYC.)

The report is an ambitious undertaking and I am naturally interested in connecting with personalization/recommendation companies –so please contact me directly if you wish to be considered for inclusion. peggy@msearchgroove.com

Why the buzz about personalization?

The advance of Internet-specific smartphones and the spread of app store schemes turns up the pressure mobile operators (and their content providers) to decipher data transactions (on and off the network), combine it with location and demographic data and use the results to create a 360-degree view of the individual.

Where does this shift leave mobile operators?

PODCAST: Bytemobile CMO Adrian Hall: Operators’ Can Win On Personalization; Does A Widget Bar Do One Better Than An App Store?

Topic: Media, Search | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: August 3, 2009

In brief: The first in a series of reports looking at heightened interest in personalization and the options available to mobile operators determined to do battle with Google, Apple & Co. We kick off with Bytemobile and an analysis of Widget Bar, an application designed to simplify the mobile browsing experience by providing useful, personally relevant information in real time to people via a personalized toolbar on the screen of any mobile device, thus putting a selection of services such as local news and weather, enhanced search, social networking, and other customized applications at the user's fingertips. Next in the series: A look at Novarra's Vision Platform and a walk through the Widget Gallery.

bytemobile_widget_bar1Last week we outlined the opportunities and challenges created by the proliferation of app stores. The takeaway: app stores may have turned people on to applications and whet their appetite for new content types, but they also turn up the pressure on companies across the ecosystem (operators, OS providers and handset-makers-turned-content-providers) to make finding and buying applications/content a no-brainer.

Indeed, personalization is the new business mantra, and it goes for content/apps as well as advertising. Guest columns from Barry Smyth, Chief Scientist of Changing Worlds, an Amdocs company and recognized pioneer in personalization technologies, and Jim Levey, a former Director of Product Marketing for Search and Digital Advertising at Amdocs who has joined MSG's roster of authors and influencers, will examine the models and mindsets required to turn personalization into competitive advantage.

In the meantime, it's productive for us all to be on the same page, starting off with an understanding of the offers and an overview of the competitive landscape.

This week the focus is Bytemobile, a company that sits between the operator and the individual, collecting the data (such as browsing behavior on- and off-portal) that - in theory - allows its operator customers to deliver individuals personalized content (and advertising) they are bound to appreciate.

What are the practical benefits of personalization? Where does Widget Bar (software that enables operators to insert a personalized toolbar on the screen of any mobile device) fit in to the scheme of things? And what's in it for brands? I caught up with Adrian Hall, Bytemobile CMO, to get the inside track.

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