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Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Tapping The 10 Habits Of Highly Effective Mobile Heroes To Boost App Marketing And Engagement

In a market where 95% of users are likely to churn within 90 days, spending blindly on user acquisition is a sure-fire way to burn money as fast as you can make it. That’s why smart marketers are shifting away from app installs, surface data, and metrics that led app marketing to the brink of a mobile engagement crisis. Ten remarkable mobile app marketers whose expertise has earned them the title "Mobile Heroes" share their incredibly effective habits to boost mobile app marketing and user acquisition.

Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Booking On Mobile Apps Makes The Mainstream – Now It’s Time To Make It A No-Brainer

People are accustomed to doing loads more with their mobile apps, regarding them as the collective “go-to” for everything necessary to organize, optimize and enjoy the daily routine. As a result, consumers are primed for deeper engagement “in-app” at precisely the same time that more marketers are looking beyond the app install to drive conversions deeper in the funnel. It’s a dynamic that pushes down the cost to acquire users who will convert and boosts the chances of many app categories – especially booking apps - to win big.

Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Peggy Anne Salz

How To Build An App Subscription Model That Works

A year after Apple announced the arrival of the subscription app model as part of a wider sweep of changes it made to its App Store policies, the size and scope of this new app category is exceeding analyst expectations. It is also paving the way for content companies to grow audience numbers and engagement. It’s good news that subscription apps are gaining traction. But not all media companies that can offer their app as a subscription model should do so. If you’re asking users to open their wallets, you need to offer value for money.

Topic: Mobile Engagement Author: Peggy Anne Salz

How Much Are Users Really Willing To Pay For Subscription Mobile Apps?

New data suggests companies may be leaving money on the table with pricing strategies that either undersell the value of the app they offer or underestimate how much money users are willing to pay - or both.
This is the surprise finding in the 2017 Subscription Mobile Apps report. In addition to breaking down engagement metrics by platform, user demographics and app category, the report also breaks new ground, highlighting the “ideal price range” that is highly likely to turn a user into a loyal subscriber.

Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Peggy Anne Salz

How Marketers Must Harness Alternative App Stores To Reach Greater Audiences

Smart companies are looking beyond the iTunes App Store and Google Play, mapping out a multiple app store strategy to reach a larger market with their app. These alternative app store environments offer a variety of benefits, allowing app developers to boost brand profile, reach new audiences and expand to new geographies.

Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Mapping The Hidden Cost Of Mobile Apps

alcatel-lucent mobile app rankings reportThe App Economy is not just exploding, generating revenues for the app developers that monetize their apps with the aid of traditional mobile advertising, in-app purchases and clever approaches that harness native ads to deliver a more integrated ­— hence engaging — experience. Mobile apps, which demand bandwidth, eat battery life and devour data plans, are also generating costs that …

Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Eurapp Project: Sizing And Stimulating Europe’s App Economy

Eurapp workshopThe explosion of mobile devices, the advance of increasingly improving wireless networks, and the adoption of cloud technologies by enterprises and developer companies alike, have moved the mobile app market into a boom phase. In the U.S. the Application Developers Alliance reports the App Economy is a significant driver, creating 519,000 jobs nationwide. It’s easy to imagine that demand for …

Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Suzie Mitchell

Mobile App Developers: Know Your Boomers

baby boomers mobile appsWhy are so many mobile developers so blind to the Boomer opportunity? Is it because they believe that Boomers — people born from 1946-1964 — are so far behind the times that they cannot possibly appreciate ‘shiny shiny’ apps let alone invest in the smartphones to deliver the experience? Suzie Mitchell ‘knows’ Boomers and shows why mobile developers need to …

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Joy Liuzzo

Location Data Use & Misuse; How Marketers Must Approach Mobile Sentient Consumers

mobile sentient being backlashLocation data and location-aware sensors. At one level, it’s the information that equips marketers to deliver the contextually relevant marketing and advertising people find convenient and valuable. At another, it’s a technique that (if wielded improperly)  can move consumers to distrust the mobile channel and shut the door to the mobile advertising and apps it delivers. Joy Liuzzo tracks recent …