DATA POINTS: Don’t Forget The Featurephones When It Comes To Mobile Ads; Motorola’s Droid Sales Strong; Mobile Coupons On The Rise; Mobile Social Nets Grow In Emerging Markets

Topic: Mobile Marketing, Research, Social Media | Author: Carlo Longino | Date: November 23, 2009

TWO-THIRDS OF MOBILE AD IMPRESSIONS ARE DELIVERED TO FEATUREPHONES, according to the latest Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (SMART) from ad network Millenial Media.

millennial media smart reportWhile the iPhone OS was the leading smartphone platform on

Networking Opportunities: Thought Leadership In Bonn & Innovation In Edinburgh

Topic: Search | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: September 25, 2009

In brief: A summary of October thought leadership events and a preview of the cool companies (AmbiSense & GeoVector, to name a few) you can look for soon on MSearchGroove.

While MSG prepares to unveil a string of new projects and media solutions for our growing roster of clients, I am wrapping up my own presentations for two exciting industry events. First on the agenda: a half-day session on Tuesday (September 29th) with Deutsche Telekom executives to discuss the challenges and opportunities of converged services and the implications this has for the consumer portal experience.

My contribution to this exclusive thought leadership event, organized by Amdocs Interactive, will look at the trend to hyper-connectedness and our increasing requirements for personalized and relevant content experiences.

I will be joined by esteemed friend and colleague Andreas Constantinou, Research Director of VisionMobile, a market analysis and strategic advisory firm. Andreas' thoughts on the new mobile services and applications value chain – and the impact of the likes of Google, Nokia and Apple – is beyond thought-provoking.

I look forward to capturing his ideas in the opening chapter of the Netsize Guide 2010, the must-read mobile industry almanac I write (for the third consecutive year!) on behalf of Netsize, a mobile commerce and communications enabler. More details on the Guide in future posts. In the meantime, I encourage companies across the ecosystems to contact me directly with case studies and great ideas.

After that it's off to Edinburgh to speak at the 2009 118tracker Information Innovation Conference & Awards aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia. Where is the value in location? My presentation -- the outcome of a new collaboration with Matthew Snyder, Founder & CEO of ADObjects, a strategic cross-media consultancy – offers some surprising answers.

We also draw from some exciting new services (such as AmbiSense's innovative destination guide solutions for mobile phones, GeoVector's new directional search and pointing app and Colibria's Network Address Book, an offer that builds on our increasing interest in context-aware social address books – a requirement that sits at the core of Vodafone's path-breaking 360 offer.