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#DearKen: What Social Media Marketers Can Learn About Cause Marketing From Lady Gaga & The Disaster In Japan

Topic: Social Media | Author: Ken Herron | Date: March 15, 2011

This week has seen both large tech firms (Bing) and small startup companies come under fire after their initiatives to solicit donations for Japan's earthquake and tsunami victims in exchange for social support of their brands were viewed more as opportunistic PR than genuine efforts to help victims. How should marketers use social media for social good?

We welcome Ken Herron, social marketing authority and CMO at social applications and solutions company SocialGrow Inc., who will author a regular new social marketing advice column, #DearKen, to provide our readers with answers to their questions about social marketing technologies, tools, and best practices. To submit a question, tweet it with the hashtag "#DearKen". All tweets will be acknowledged, and considered as being submitted for publication.

Five Great Ways Operators Can get More Mileage Out Of Social Media

Topic: Social Media | Author: Matt Anderson | Date: February 11, 2011

social bookmarksIn the app store space, social conversations and connections can mean the difference between notoriety and obscurity for apps on offer. In this scenario it makes good business sense for mobile operators (and app store owners) to improve content discovery, allowing consumers to rate, recommend and gift products to their friends just like Amazon does.

But why limit that approach to storefronts and app stores?

Mobile operators can refine this approach to insert themselves at the center of our social media exchange, a trusted position that is the cornerstone of a sustainable business.

Aisle411: Accelerating In-Store Engagement With Mobile Search, Mobile Marketing & Social Media

Topic: Mobile Marketing, Search, Social Media | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: February 2, 2011

aisle411 appHeightened activity and interest in mobile retail (spurred on by holiday shopping and the rapid uptake of price comparison services and apps), has paved the way for a variety of new and immersive mobile experiences that insert marketing messages and campaigns into our daily shopping routines. From mobile codes (specifically, barcodes) to mobile coupons, companies are enlarging their arsenal of capabilities to capture our attention while we shop.

However, only a handful of companies are prepared to compete where it really counts: at the point of inspiration, otherwise known as the retail shelf.

Marketers Need New Mobile Social Media Mindset; Motorola’s Devices Could Have More Impact Than We Think

Topic: Mobile Marketing, Social Media | Author: Jeff Hasen | Date: January 14, 2011

twitter logoForty percent of all tweets are created on mobile devices. Surely, that's a data point that shows the convergence of social media and mobile.

And then there are the statements made by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo at the close of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week in Las Vegas. He revealed that 25 percent of tweets were via wireless devices in 2010. Moreover, he told the audience that 50 percent of active Twitter users are also active on mobile.

AOL Bets On Social Navigation & Open Source; Why People Will Power Location Apps

Topic: Media, Social Media | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: January 6, 2011

navigation strategies USASocial and mobile are combining to create some amazing experiences. From location-linked games to social shopping schemes, there is money - and competitive advantage - in harnessing location information to power our interactions with the people and communities around us. This trend also turns up the pressure on companies to focus on the quality of the data and develop new ways to get us involved in creating and curating our own local maps and information.

This is just one of the topics heading the agenda at Navigation Strategies USA,

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