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Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Peggy Anne Salz

EXCLUSIVE: Mobile Crowdsourcing Photo Service Supplies Media & Brands With Compelling Content

scoopshot iconEvery week over at m-pulse we discus the companies and concepts rocking the industry and my pick was Scoopshot, a mobile crowdsourcing app (and ecosystem) that allows media companies to post location-aware photo 'assignments' to the community of app users. The upshot is user-generated content that impresses on two counts: media (newspapers, magazines, online) have fresh content and people earn money for their photos. What's more, the app is plugged into an ecosystem that manages right and makes payments.

It is refreshing to see such a well-executed strategy and end-to-end ecosystem, so I caught up with Niko Ruokosuo, the brains behind Scoopshot, which is also owned by Helsinki-based P2S Media Group Inc. Niko — acts as the CEO of the company and is in charge of the company’s internationalization efforts, business development operations and marketing — has a long track record in the media industry and held executive positions in companies including: the Saudi Research and Marketing Group, one of the largest media organizations in the Middle East, the Finnish magazine publisher Sanoma Kaupunkilehdet and the Los Angeles Times.

Topic: Social Media Author: Ken Herron

#DearKen: How The HECK Do I Measure My Social Media ROI?

social media ROIHow DO you measure your social media ROI? And here you thought pondering the answer to life, the universe, and everything was a tall order. My boss asks me this question. He should. It’s what he pays me for. My friends ask me this question. What can I say? I have some pretty geeky friends. Even complete strangers in line at my local Smog ‘N Go ask me this question. Yeah, it’s that kind of neighborhood.

With marketers spending almost two billion dollars on social media last year, it’s understandable that all of us don’t just "want", but *need*, to accurately measure the return – the ROI – of our investments in social marketing. Here’s my answer.

Topic: Social Media Author: Ken Herron

#DearKen: Is Social Media *Really* Like A Cocktail Party?

social media spiderThank you for your question. I am sitting here smiling. Social media has been compared to a cocktail party, high school and a Bruce Springsteen song. While each of these different analogies has their merits, I don’t think the writers were thinking big enough. Or hairy enough. Social media is like a big, hairy spider. "Social media is like a tarantula?!", you ask, out of breath from jumping on top of your nearest chair. Yes. It is. Here’s why.

Topic: Social Media Author: Ken Herron

#DearKen: Should I Automate My #Socialmedia?

automated social mediaAnd if I do, how can I maintain a "personal" touch?

What a *great* question, thank you! The simple answer is you shouldn't automate ANY part of your social media marketing, communications, product development, customer service, or talent acquisition efforts. At least, not until you understand social media well enough to know exactly how to use each social media channel to connect with your target audience. Yes, it is very tempting to use every tool you can find to reduce the time you spend managing your social media efforts, but think about the irreparable damage you can do to your brand. Do you really want to drive faster in the

Topic: Social Media Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Watch Out & Listen In! Connected Consumers Can Damage Your Brand

mobile megaphone surveyThe intersection of mobile and social changes all the rules. It gives people a voice and allows them to praise and/or punish companies/brands in public. What is the impact on marketers? Are people really influenced by posts and tweets they read? New independent research from Jeff Hasen -- a brave voice in the mobile marketing space and consistently named one of the top Chief Marketing Officers to follow on Twitter -- has stepped up to document just how people use their mobile phones to communicate their brand experiences. The result is must-read analysis that should spark marketers to listen in and answer back.

* * *

At first it

Topic: Social Media Author: Ken Herron

#DearKen: Does My Company Need A Social Media “Rock Star”?

social media star#DearKen I’m under increasing pressure to show results from my team's social media efforts. Does my company need a social media rock star?

* * *

Thank you for your question. Yes, your company must must must have a social media rock star. The twist? It’s you!

Topic: Social Media Author: Ken Herron

#DearKen: Should You Put Ads in Your Tweets If You’re Not Kim Kardashian?

twitter adsTwitter is on the move, continuously launching features to enhance the advertising experience on Twitter. (Last week Twitter took the wraps off a beta service that will allow brands to target Promoted Tweets–the ad units that are actually Twitter messages–by country.) But what are the rules of engagement and to what extent (if any) should we promote goods and services in our Twitter stream? Ken Herron, social marketing authority and CMO at social applications and solutions company SocialGrow Inc., is back with a dose of valuable - and practical advice.

* * *

#DearKen What are the pros and cons of sticking ads in your Twitter feed, and what is there to consider?

Topic: Social Media Author: Ken Herron

#DearKen: What Social Media Marketers Can Learn About Cause Marketing From Lady Gaga & The Disaster In Japan

This week has seen both large tech firms (Bing) and small startup companies come under fire after their initiatives to solicit donations for Japan's earthquake and tsunami victims in exchange for social support of their brands were viewed more as opportunistic PR than genuine efforts to help victims. How should marketers use social media for social good?

We welcome Ken Herron, social marketing authority and CMO at social applications and solutions company SocialGrow Inc., who will author a regular new social marketing advice column, #DearKen, to provide our readers with answers to their questions about social marketing technologies, tools, and best practices. To submit a question, tweet it with the hashtag "#DearKen". All tweets will be acknowledged, and considered as being submitted for publication.

Topic: Social Media Author: Matt Anderson

Five Great Ways Operators Can get More Mileage Out Of Social Media

social bookmarksIn the app store space, social conversations and connections can mean the difference between notoriety and obscurity for apps on offer. In this scenario it makes good business sense for mobile operators (and app store owners) to improve content discovery, allowing consumers to rate, recommend and gift products to their friends just like Amazon does.

But why limit that approach to storefronts and app stores?

Mobile operators can refine this approach to insert themselves at the center of our social media exchange, a trusted position that is the cornerstone of a sustainable business.