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Topic: Search Author: Peggy Anne Salz

EXCLUSIVE: Mobile Commerce Reveals Top Mobile Searches For 2011

mobile commerce logoGoogle may give us a glimpse of the top Internet search terms that defined how the world searched online in 2011, but Mobile Commerce, a U.K.-based provider of optimized mobile search services stands out as the only company offering us insights into how we search using our mobile devices.

Topic: Search Author: Charles Knight

Mobile Search App Goby Finds Fun Stuff Nearby; Acquired By TeleNav

gobyToday we kick off a new series of mobile search app reviews and road tests with Goby, a mobile search app that helps people find fun things to do nearby. The company behind the app, described by tech celeb Robert Scoble as more important than Foursquare, was acquired on Friday by location services giant TeleNav, proof that mobile search is a new must-have feature of apps, services and discovery schemes.

* * *

While Google may have sewn up the market when it comes to general or horizontal Internet search, the race to dominate the mobile and alternative search space is far from run. In fact, it's just starting. A top contender for a lead spot is Goby, a mobile search app available on the Apple and Android platforms designed from the ground up to help people find fun stuff to do nearby.

Topic: Search Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Content Discovery & Personalization Companies: Enter The 8th Annual Meffy Awards

Meffys Awards 2011Is your company driving more personalized mobile content discovery and content sharing, making it easier for us all to find, purchase and popularize mobile content? If the answer is 'yes,' then stand up and be counted. You have three more days to submit your entry to the Meffys. Now in their 8th year, the Meffys are the industry’s most coveted awards, honoring innovation and achievements across mobile content and commerce.

The deadline for entries was extended to May 6 due to popular demand, so don't miss out on the opportunity to showcase your service and have it viewed by the top journalists and analysts who sit on the judges panel.

If your company is shortlisted, then you can count on being center stage at the annual gala event (and top of mind with the hundreds of leading industry execs and decision-makers who attend the ceremony each year). TV personality, comedienne and author Ruby Wax will host the 2011 Meffys Gala Awards Dinner (July 7) at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London’s Covent Garden.

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Aisle411: Accelerating In-Store Engagement With Mobile Search, Mobile Marketing & Social Media

aisle411 appHeightened activity and interest in mobile retail (spurred on by holiday shopping and the rapid uptake of price comparison services and apps), has paved the way for a variety of new and immersive mobile experiences that insert marketing messages and campaigns into our daily shopping routines. From mobile codes (specifically, barcodes) to mobile coupons, companies are enlarging their arsenal of capabilities to capture our attention while we shop.

However, only a handful of companies are prepared to compete where it really counts: at the point of inspiration, otherwise known as the retail shelf.

Topic: Search Author: Matt Anderson

Global Prepaid Explosion Forces Strategy Shift; MetroPCS Rolls Out Personalized Portal

metroPCS logoThe global prepaid market is growing faster than post-paid, but winning and retaining these customers is no longer about extending plain-vanilla telephony services to people on fixed budgets. The advance of smartphones and faster 4G networks forces mobile operators to get smarter about how they offer data services (that were traditionally offered to post-paid subscribers) to everyone.

A recent poll conducted by research firm Ovum (and commissioned by Amdocs) reveals the vast majority of service providers and operators can read the writing on the wall.

Topic: Media Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Hong Kong Mobile Operator CSL Reveals Real Impact Of Personalization On Mobile Data

mynet thumbnailPeople want what they want. As a result, they have come to expect – even demand – content and services in tune with their lifestyles and life stages. On mobile – the fiercely personal device we take with us everywhere – the requirement for relevancy is even greater, which is why personalization is poised to become a mobile megatrend. Put another way, personalized recommendations and schemes that effectively expose us to the content we are most likely to appreciate (content ranging from websites to marketing messages to mobile apps) are gaining traction.

One mobile operator that "gets" the strategic importance of personalization (if only to satisfy our own requirement for convenience and reduce the heavy-lifting when it comes to choosing our entertainment) is CSL, the leading mobile operator in Hong Kong with 2.6 million subscribers.