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AOL Bets On Social Navigation & Open Source; Why People Will Power Location Apps

Topic: Media, Social Media | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: January 6, 2011

navigation strategies USASocial and mobile are combining to create some amazing experiences. From location-linked games to social shopping schemes, there is money - and competitive advantage - in harnessing location information to power our interactions with the people and communities around us. This trend also turns up the pressure on companies to focus on the quality of the data and develop new ways to get us involved in creating and curating our own local maps and information.

This is just one of the topics heading the agenda at Navigation Strategies USA,

Mobile Meets Multimedia: Mobile Giving Foundation Expects Increase In Donations & Engagement

Topic: Mobile Marketing, Uncategorized | Author: Cynthia Artin | Date: January 5, 2011

mobile givingA year ago this month the world witnessed a massive earthquake shook Haiti, and the citizens of the world, to their core. The extent of the damage following the disaster on January 12, 2010, quickly reached cataclysmic proportions. An estimated three million people were affected by the quake. The Haitian government also reported 230 thousand people died, 300 thousand were injured and 1 million were made homeless.

The earthquake also triggered a global response and a mobile awakening, moving mobile giving -- using our mobile phones to make donations to causes such as earthquake relief -- to the top of our minds and to the fore of the mobile industry agenda.

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