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MobileGroove Catches The Wave; Wave Collapse Gets The ‘Groove’

Topic: Books, Mobile Marketing, Research | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: September 18, 2012

MobileGroove catches the waveMobile is a tidal wave that is rocking the mobile marketing and advertising industry, moving brands to create comprehensive strategies that put mobile first. It’s a mobile mega-trend that has inspired me to collaborate with Joy Liuzzo — the president of Wave Collapse, who is perhaps best known for her milestone work and research at Insight Express — to deliver strategy-shifting insights and success stories (including yours) to a global audience.

Joy and I share a long industry track record, a deep respect for quality analysis and an obligation to document the seismic shift in mobile marketing and advertising. Together we will gather the data and insights to show how companies are harnessing mobile to achieve objectives deeper down in the purchase funnel.

Active outreach

Regular readers will recall that my work over the summer — interviewing 60+ brands, agencies and thought leaders (a project commissioned by the Mobile Marketing Association) — has provided me unique insights into how executives at the c-level view mobile and where it contributes most in the consumer journey. Rather than focus on this project, I have made the conscious decision to go one step beyond and outreach to a wider range of industry players and professional organizations, such as the CMO Council, to incorporate learnings, insights and guidance we feel will benefit everyone in the ecosystem.

After all, knowledge is truly only valuable when it is freely shared.

Joy and I will therefore collaborate on primary research to create our own unique and in-depth analyses and Thought Leadership publications. We will also amplify key messages using our family of media properties and a dedicated microsite here on MobileGroove.

Congratulations to us!

congratulations on new ventureSo, does the global industry need real-life insights and learnings to help it navigate the mobile terrain and develop strategies to drive positive results further down in the purchase funnel? The answer is an overwhelming ‘YES’!

We shared plans for our new venture with brands, agencies and esteemed colleagues — and we are absolutely blown away by the positive response.

Peggy and Joy,

First off, congrats! You’re two of my favorite thinkers and doers in the mobile space, so that’s a very exciting alliance, even if it means too much of the mobile marketing brain trust is now concentrated in one place. The better news is it sounds like you’re even more determined to spread best practices and all important developments in the mobile space.

— David Berkowitz, Vice President, Emerging Media, 360i


Ladies, congratulation on teaming up! I think the two of you will be a fabulous team and can’t wait to see what comes of your partnership:)

— Rachel Pasqua, VP, Mobile, iCrossing


WOW!  Congrats Peggy!  Looking forward to scheduling another interview and working with you further.

— Erin Finegold, Corporate Communications Specialist, Content Specialist, Slingshot


Thank you for letting me know, Peggy. Please keep me posted on your new initiative and congrats on teaming up with Joy!

 — Jonathan Stephen, Senior Producer Mobile Product, JetBlue Airways



This is a welcome and wonderful confirmation of our new venture, and Joy and I look forward to connecting with brands, agencies and thought leaders in the next weeks.

YOU are invited to reach out to us directly with your insights, experiences and case studies ( You can also DM your details to @peggyanne.

And, to make sure you can follow the conversation that evolves around our work, insights and exclusive interviews, we will tag all content with the hashtag #MobileFirst.

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