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Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Michelle Manafy

New Book Reveals How To Work, Create & Sell With Digital Natives

From marketing to media the digital native generation is impacting all aspects of how we do business. Michelle Manafy, a contributor to and co-editor (with Heidi Gautschi) of the new book Dancing With Digital Natives: Staying in Step with the Generation That is Transforming the Way Business is Done (May 2011) tells why we must all learn to participate in two-way conversations.

Since you're a reader of MobileGroove, odds are you have one or more mobile devices within arms reach right now. You are pretty likely to fall into the early adopter category as well. However unless you were born since 1980 or so, you are what is known as a digital immigrant. Face it: No matter how techno-hip you are, you find yourself at the precipice of one hell of a generation gap.

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Western Europe Mobile: eMarketer Trends, Case Studies & Best Practices

Smartphone adoption and a sharp rise in mobile Internet usage are poised to invigorate Western Europe’s mobile marketing landscape. As more industry verticals embark on mobile campaigns and marketers shift their focus from one-off experiments to ongoing execution, mobile ad spending is set to increase.

This is the key finding of Western Europe Mobile: Trends, Case Studies and Best Practices, a new report from eMarketer that summarizes the European landscape and shows how major brands (BMW, Lufthansa, M&S) are leading the way with mobile marketing campaigns aimed at attracting and retaining customers.

Topic: Mobile Commerce Author: Billy Burnett

Mobile Retail Opportunity Explodes: Oracle & ATG

48 PERCENT OF U.S. CONSUMERS RESEARCED PRODUCTS ON A MOBILE DEVICE WHILE IN-STORE in December 2010, according to research from Oracle and ATG. This represented a 78 percent increase compared to November 2009, when just 29 percent of consumers were using their mobile devices for research in-store.

Unsurprisingly, the data shows that younger consumers (ages 18-34) were the most avid in-store researchers (60 percent), up 46 percent from November 2009 (41 percent). But the real opportunity just may be a more mature demographic.

Topic: Research Author: Billy Burnett

Barcode Use Booming Thanks To Major Brands: 3G Vision

WORLDWIDE USAGE OF MOBILE BARCODES GREW BY 61.95 PERCENT IN Q1/2011 COMPARED TO Q4/2010, says a new report from 3G Vision. The U.S. continues to lead the pack as the top user of mobile barcodes. (Although it is important to note the stats don’t include Japan because "the barcode market there is so far advanced over the rest of the world that it’s not statistically relevant.")

Meantime, barcode use in the U.K. market grew a whopping 166.5 percent for the period, an increase that allows it to jump from the 7th to the 4th position in the top users of QR codes worldwide. The report attributed this to the number of major brands (such as Heineken, SKY Network, Pizza Express and Grazia Magazine) that adopted the use of QR codes in their campaigns and promotion during Q1/2011. Other countries that experienced strong growth (again thanks to more brands getting on board with barcode promotions) include: The Netherlands (146.3 percent), Spain (94.4 percent) and Canada (94.0 percent).

Topic: Mobile Commerce Author: Tom Nawara

New Mobile Audit Reveals State Of Mobile Commerce Among Leading Brands; Identifies Best Practices

Editor's note: After a record year for mobile marketing spend and success (and a holiday shopping season that saw a spike in mobile commerce), analyst firms report mobile has finally arrived as a legitimate marketing medium. Forrester Research is particularly bullish and predicts marketers and retailers will start investing significantly in cohesive mobile marketing and commerce strategies. What is the current state of mobile commerce readiness among major brands? A recent audit and the results of a follow-up study by Acquity Group reveal the leaders and the laggards in mobile commerce -- and offers advice to brands that want to close this gap.

The growth of mobile online shopping in the U.S. has been nothing short of phenomenal. This increase has been fueled by a significant shift in consumer behavior and a massive migration of users to smartphones. According to the latest figures from comScore, a digital measurement company, smartphone penetration has reached 23 percent, up from 13 percent in 2008.