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Category: Mobile Research

Topic: Mobile Research Author: Peggy Anne Salz

2019 Trends: The Move From Tracking To Trust–And The Challenge Of Having Too Much Data

Mobile is as personal as it gets, and smart products power fiercely personal interactions between brands and consumers. Together they put the pressure on companies to balance data sharing and tracking—the foundation of superior and seamless customer experience—with the requirement to respect personal privacy.

Topic: Mobile Research Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Make More Informed Decisions About Ad Network Partners–And Here’s An Index to Help

The AppsFlyer Performance Index is back with Edition VII, offering app marketers the most comprehensive report card on the performance of mobile media sources and ad network partners during the first half of 2018. The Index has new names, fresh data, and some surprises.

Topic: Mobile Research Author: Peggy Anne Salz

5Qs With Sonin: More App Opportunities And Devices, Part One

Frequent appScatter collaborator and mobile marketing guru Peggy Anne Salz interviews Paul Jarrett, managing director of Sonin – a company that has been developing mobile apps and digital solutions to support businesses for over a decade.


Size matters, but it’s not the only reason you need to widen your mobile app distribution strategy to include platforms (such as Amazon’s

Topic: Mobile Research Author: Peggy Anne Salz

In Mobile Speed Matters — And Google Names The Winners

Opportunities to cash in on how users find businesses and offers is huge, but the bigger question is: what do marketers *really* need to do to deliver consumers a mobile experience they can’t resist? Some helpful guidance comes from Google in Germany, which last week took the wraps off its first Mobile Speed Leaderboards report developed with MMA Germany (the local council of the Mobile Marketing Association) and revealed the list of websites (belonging to top-notch brands operating in the country) that are literally leading the pack.

Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Booking On Mobile Apps Makes The Mainstream – Now It’s Time To Make It A No-Brainer

People are accustomed to doing loads more with their mobile apps, regarding them as the collective “go-to” for everything necessary to organize, optimize and enjoy the daily routine. As a result, consumers are primed for deeper engagement “in-app” at precisely the same time that more marketers are looking beyond the app install to drive conversions deeper in the funnel. It’s a dynamic that pushes down the cost to acquire users who will convert and boosts the chances of many app categories – especially booking apps - to win big.

Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Peggy Anne Salz

A Look At How Germany Is Crushing It In Mobile Marketing And Apps

If money talks, then the massive growth of mobile in Germany speaks volumes. Reams of recent research, and app market data shared exclusively with Forbes, underline the country’s pivotal position and potential as a powerhouse market for mobile marketing, apps and advertising. The numbers add up to “cement Germany as the number one app market in Europe,” according to Patrick Kane, Priori Data CEO and Founder.

Topic: Mobile Engagement Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Learning To Please The Love ‘Em And Leave ‘Em Millennial Crowd

Millennials – the ‘distracted demographic’ between the ages of 18 and 34 were weaned on the Internet and spoiled by content choice. They have grown up to become the largest generation in the U.S. with a wallet to match. If you think it’s a lucrative audience ripe for the taking, think again. Tapping the significant opportunities and tackling the even greater challenges around influencing this massive audience requires a deep understanding of digital content consumption trends and how their evolving media habits make them different from the rest of the population.

Topic: Mobile Engagement Author: Peggy Anne Salz

How Much Are Users Really Willing To Pay For Subscription Mobile Apps?

New data suggests companies may be leaving money on the table with pricing strategies that either undersell the value of the app they offer or underestimate how much money users are willing to pay - or both.
This is the surprise finding in the 2017 Subscription Mobile Apps report. In addition to breaking down engagement metrics by platform, user demographics and app category, the report also breaks new ground, highlighting the “ideal price range” that is highly likely to turn a user into a loyal subscriber.

Topic: Mobile Engagement Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Understanding Why People Uninstall Your App

Mobile apps are where the real consumer engagement happens – provided companies and marketers add real value. While we have a sense of the features consumers care about most, it is essential to understand why they uninstall more than 3 of every 10 apps globally. We get some of the answers we need in a new report from mobile attribution company AppsFlyer.

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Mobile Internet Advertising Rising Fast To Eclipse Desktop In 2017

Mobile isn’t just causing a seachange in consumer behavior by increasing our demand for formats and features that are easy and enjoyable to access on smartphones and tablets. Mobile is also causing a seismic shift in advertising spend allocation, a surprise trend documented in the Zenith Advertising Expenditure Forecast released earlier this month. The forecast, upgraded from numbers the company published in June, still expects mobile advertising to overtake desktop–but the new forecast predicts this will happen much sooner.