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Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Michelle Manafy

Digital Natives Are Distracted; Why Marketers Have To Think Here, Now & Bite-Sized

The right content (or advertising) delivered to the right person in the right context. Mobile makes it possible, but a new study throws a discomforting variable back into this perfect equation. Digital Natives are multi-tasking to the max, making it harder than ever for content companies and brands owners to delight their customers for more than minutes at a stretch. …

Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Hillel Fuld

Three Quick Tips To Monetize Your Mobile App

3 quick app tipsThe avalanche of mobile apps turns up the pressure on individual mobile developers to find new ways to rise above the noise and generate meaningful revenues. A great app is a good start, but developers determined to build a serious business also need a solid monetization strategy. Hillel Fuld shares three tips aimed at generating more clicks and — ultimately— more revenues.


Most mobile app developers have realized that earning a living from their activities is no walk in the park. Not every app achieves the success of Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, or Fruit Ninja. Putting aside the issue of getting a mobile app discovered and downloaded, developers, especially on Android, are finding it increasingly difficult to generate any significant revenue from their apps.

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Finance & Health Verticals Increase Mobile Advertising Spend: Millennial Media Report

MM-SMART-coverMobile is fast becoming the device we reach to for advice and assistance throughout our daily routine, so it's little wonder that verticals such as Health & Fitness and Finance ­ are stepping up mobile advertising activities and spend.

It's a massive mobile advertising trend that marked 2011, and sure to gain additional momentum in 2012, according to the 2011 Year In Review SMART report (Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting).

Topic: Mobile Commerce Author: John Stevens

An Offer They Can’t Refuse: Using Mobile To Drive Customer Acquisition

mobile customer retentionThe holiday numbers are in, the mobile user surveys are done, and the implications for brands, retailers and marketers are profound. Mobile has become an integral part of the shopping routine, with the vast majority of consumers admitting to using their mobile phones to search and purchase gifts. John Stevens examines this mobile megatrend and shares eight tips for creating and executing a successful mobile strategy.


Shopping will never be the same. A number of reports show that people rely on mobile every step of the consumer journey. Equally mobile search continues to play a huge part in our lives. A recent Performics survey of 502 U.S, residents who use mobile phones to search the web at least once a week revealed that a whopping 75 percent of consumers report mobile search makes their lives easier. Specifically, 63 percent said access to mobile search has changed the way they gather information, and 32 percent said they use search more on their mobile devices than they do on their personal computers.

Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Peggy Anne Salz

EXCLUSIVE: Mobile Crowdsourcing Photo Service Supplies Media & Brands With Compelling Content

scoopshot iconEvery week over at m-pulse we discus the companies and concepts rocking the industry and my pick was Scoopshot, a mobile crowdsourcing app (and ecosystem) that allows media companies to post location-aware photo 'assignments' to the community of app users. The upshot is user-generated content that impresses on two counts: media (newspapers, magazines, online) have fresh content and people earn money for their photos. What's more, the app is plugged into an ecosystem that manages right and makes payments.

It is refreshing to see such a well-executed strategy and end-to-end ecosystem, so I caught up with Niko Ruokosuo, the brains behind Scoopshot, which is also owned by Helsinki-based P2S Media Group Inc. Niko — acts as the CEO of the company and is in charge of the company’s internationalization efforts, business development operations and marketing — has a long track record in the media industry and held executive positions in companies including: the Saudi Research and Marketing Group, one of the largest media organizations in the Middle East, the Finnish magazine publisher Sanoma Kaupunkilehdet and the Los Angeles Times.

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Journal: Mobile Marketing Opportunities Across India; Social Networks Impact Behavior, App Adoption

The new edition of the International Journal of Mobile Marketing (IJMM) is live, chock-full of new content, features and research from contributors that (like all issues of this respected journal) quite simply sets the bar.

From a special section that expertly outlines the opportunities, challenges and attitudes around mobile marketing and advertising in India, to path-breaking research and models that harness our interaction with mobile social networks to drive frequency (and results!), this issue is the one if you are looking for a balanced mix of academic insights and practical business advice.

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Kindle Fire To Heat Up European Tablet Market; What Can Advertisers Expect?

Kindle FireDid Amazon's Kindle Fire cost Apple some holiday iPad sales? Only Amazon knows. However, reports coming in over the last days indicate that Kindle Fire sales outpaced most analysts' forecasts. What's more, the new tablets device is seeing ad impressions grow at an average double-digit daily rate since its launch in the U.S. market in November, a data point that could mean the imminent release of the Kindle Fire in Europe could do more than burn up iPad sales. It may mark a seismic shift in how brands and sellers approach marketing in the mobile channel.

A raft of recent developments supports the observation that this device is indeed a game-changer, starting with buoyant sales numbers that have exceeded everyone's expectations. Barclays analyst Anthony DiClemente (via All Things Digital) has upped his original estimate of 4.5 million units sold last quarter to 5.5 million. Piper Jaffray is convinced Amazon is on track to sell 10-12 million Kindle devices (Kindle and Kindle Fire), up from the initial estimate of 9 million units. Meanwhile, analyst Tavis McCourt at Morgan Keegan has downgraded his iPad sales forecasts for the quarter from 16 million units to 13 million. (Again, sales lost to Kindle Fire.)

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Tim Jenkins

Special Delivery: Using Offline Shopping Behavior Data Better Targets Mobile Consumers

hartz mobile campaignAs more people purchase smartphones and tablets, increasing their access to the mobile Web and applications, advertisers are clamoring to engage them there. But the bigger challenge is how to deliver people advertising they are likely to appreciate because it ticks all the boxes. Tim Jenkins draws from his company's experience with Hartz, a U.S.-based maker of pet care products, to show how knowing people's offline behavior can vastly improve mobile advertising effectiveness.


Mobile advertising is set to explode. Market research firm eMarketer predicts that mobile ad spending will increase 48 percent this year from $743.1 million in 2010 to $1.1 billion in 2011. That’s significant growth, but none of this projected spending will be effective if advertisers can’t reach the right people with the right types of ads on the right devices at the right times.

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Mobile Marketing Association Surveys Brands & Agencies Worldwide

This year we have witnessed a seismic shift in how brands and agencies wield the power of mobile to deliver effective advertising, engage with consumers every stage of their daily journey and —ultimately — achieve business objectives that go beyond brand promotion and awareness to encourage commerce and continued customer loyalty.

The drivers are many and the impact is tremendous. The rise (and rise) of mobile retail, the advance of smartphones and connected devices, and the heightened interest among companies across all verticals (retail, automotive, finance, pharmaceutical — the works!) make it imperative for us as an industry and ecosystem to ask (and answer!) some tough questions.

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Finance Sector Makes Mega-Investments In Mobile Advertising

finance invests mobile advertisingWho are the big-spenders in mobile advertising? In Q3 2011 the financial services sector jumped from third place in Q2 2011 to become the leading vertical in the U.S., ranked by mobile ad spend, followed by Entertainment, Retail & Restaurants, Telecoms and CPG (consumer packaged goods). Globally, finance placed number four.

This massive growth, with ad spend increasing over 356