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Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Mobile Ad Spend Climbs, Targeting Gets More Precise: SMART Report

Millennial Media SMART reportSmartphone penetration is fueling mobile ad budgets as brands grasp the opportunity to engage, interact and drive results further down in the purchase funnel. In the U.K., for example, where smartphone penetration is now nearly 60 percent, the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) reports that mobile advertising is on a “meteoric rise,” growing 132 percent to reach GBP 181.5 million in …

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Peggy Anne Salz

ANALYSIS: Entertainment Marketers Harness Cross-Platform To Drive Commerce

Mobile has become our constant companion in what is fast-becoming a multi-screen world, where we choose our screen (mobile, tablet, PC or TV) depending on our context and what we want to accomplish. This shift from consumption to participation turns up the pressure on marketers to do more than shift spend into mobile to get our attention.  They have to …

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Apple Leads In Mobile Ad Impressions, Tablet Interaction Increases

Apple Mobile Ad Impressions IncreaseThe new Apple iPhone dominates the news today, but will the new model allow Apple to grow its share of ad impressions and remain ‘the’ device developers and brands need to factor into their mobile strategies?

It’s a tough one to call. New data from independent mobile ad and data platform company Millennial Media shows that Apple mobile devices certainly …

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Vacationers & Road Warriors Offer Mobile Marketers New Engagement Opportunities

With a wave of us leaving for a short summer vacation, the timing couldn’t be better for a mobile advertising report outlining how we use mobile to reach — and enjoy — our final destination.

Significantly, travel brands — from booking agents, to hotels and resorts, to cruise lines and airlines, to tourist attractions and tourism boards, to regional transit …

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Leveraging Our Real-World Mobile Behavior To Deliver Real Results

mobile audience targetingMobile is redefining our daily lives and mobile behavior, becoming the device we reach to for information, assistance and advertising that — like our devices — is personal and relevant (and therefore valuable to us). Correctly, the discussion is centered on how brands can best achieve contextual relevance (by delivering the right ad at the right place or time). But …

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Annette Tonti

5 Ways To Increase Your Mobile Web Traffic

DecisionsMobile is BIG. Really big. In fact, mobile — with a deeper penetration than electricity and safe drinking water — is the most pervasive technology ever invented. If 2011 was the year when mobile data, specifically mobile apps and mobile Web, reached the masses, then 2012 will be the year that companies everywhere on the planet do more than merely

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Tablets Transforming Mobile Advertising; Account for 1-in-5 Ad Impressions


tablet devicesShift happens… New data from independent mobile ad and data platform company Millennial Media reveals a continued shift among consumers to tablets and other connected devices like MP3 players and e-readers.

Indeed, these ‘non-phone’ mobile devices show impressive hockey stick growth, generating 20 percent of all ad impressions across the Millennial Media mobile advertising platform during the first quarter …

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: A. Troy Brown

4G, Location & Personalization Will Change The Mediascape Of Multicultural Marketing

mutlicultural digital mobile marketingHow can brands and marketers address a multicultural audience? A. Troy Brown draws from primary demographic research and years of implementing award-winning, integrated Digital/Social/Mobile (DSM) campaigns for big brands such as Pepsi, Hennessy, Apple, Allstate, Ford and Best Buy to provide key insights on emerging trends, purchasing decisions, and technology adoption among diverse audiences.

* * *

There’s no shortage …

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Joy Liuzzo

Location Data Use & Misuse; How Marketers Must Approach Mobile Sentient Consumers

mobile sentient being backlashLocation data and location-aware sensors. At one level, it’s the information that equips marketers to deliver the contextually relevant marketing and advertising people find convenient and valuable. At another, it’s a technique that (if wielded improperly)  can move consumers to distrust the mobile channel and shut the door to the mobile advertising and apps it delivers. Joy Liuzzo tracks recent …

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Peggy Anne Salz

March Madness Means More Mobile & Multiscreen Multitasking

march madness on mobileA raft of recent reports reveal how we engage with our mobile devices (and tablets) while watching TV, but research released today shows that our appetite for multi-screen access might be greatest during live events where having a bird’s-eye view into everything (the event, the action, the background facts and stats, and the latest news and updates) delivers us a …