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Services & schemes allowing us to conduct commerce using our mobile phones

Topic: Mobile Commerce Author: Matt Anderson

Mobile Operators: Cut Out Mobile Payments Middlemen

cutting out middlemenIn this first part of a two-part series I take a hard look at the hard reality of how mobile operators must do business in the AA era (After Apple).

Granted the App Store created an exciting (and single) marketplace for developers to create, test and sell apps to consumers. But the model also totally disintermediated operators from app revenues.

Since then mobile operators have sought to reassert themselves in the value chain by offering their own app stores, a me-too strategy borrowed from Apple that has so far failed to pay dividends for a variety of reasons.

Topic: Mobile Commerce Author: Tom Nawara

New Mobile Audit Reveals State Of Mobile Commerce Among Leading Brands; Identifies Best Practices

Editor's note: After a record year for mobile marketing spend and success (and a holiday shopping season that saw a spike in mobile commerce), analyst firms report mobile has finally arrived as a legitimate marketing medium. Forrester Research is particularly bullish and predicts marketers and retailers will start investing significantly in cohesive mobile marketing and commerce strategies. What is the current state of mobile commerce readiness among major brands? A recent audit and the results of a follow-up study by Acquity Group reveal the leaders and the laggards in mobile commerce -- and offers advice to brands that want to close this gap.

The growth of mobile online shopping in the U.S. has been nothing short of phenomenal. This increase has been fueled by a significant shift in consumer behavior and a massive migration of users to smartphones. According to the latest figures from comScore, a digital measurement company, smartphone penetration has reached 23 percent, up from 13 percent in 2008.

Topic: Mobile Commerce Author: Peggy Anne Salz

New Mobile Shopping White Paper Reveals Positive Outlook For Operator Billing

mobile shoppingMobile commerce and shopping are fast becoming an integral part of our daily routine, a development that paves the way for online commerce giants and credit card companies to capture the lion's share of this exciting and lucrative market. Or so we think...

The explosion in mobile purchases also plays squarely in favor of mobile operator billing. In fact, operator billing may be the "missing link that allows a significant increase in commerce involving physical goods and services."