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Topic: Media Author: Peggy Anne Salz

The Pulse Video Show Debuts Today; Gary Schwartz Talks Mobile 2012 Megatrends

the Pulse untethertvToday (!) marks the launch of The Pulse, a new vodcast series produced by Rob Woodbridge, founder and owner of, in collaboration with MobileGroove. We welcome our guest Gary Schwartz, CEO of Impact Mobile, Inc., North America Chair of the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) and author of THE IMPULSE ECONOMY, a book that examines the evolution and future opportunities around mobile commerce and transactions.

Gary's no-holds-barred analysis of mobile's impact on bricks-and-mortar retail suggests America's shopping malls are in for tough times in 2012 as users move from price comparison apps to making real-life purchases using cloud checkout services. We also discuss how Kindle Fire is blazing through the U.S. (and soon Europe), building on the analysis I just posted this week on MobileGroove. What is the likely impact on mobile marketing and how are users in key countries already embracing this new type of connected device? Tune in and find out! (You can follow Gary and all the tweets related to his new book at @impulseeconomy).

Topic: Mobile Commerce Author: Peggy Anne Salz

New Global Mobile Payments Survey Results Show Where Mobile Operators Place Their Bets

mobile operator advantageOn the heels of last month's survey of mobile telecoms execs across the Asia Pacific region (and a tremendously successful #doxchat Tweetchat that had a global reach of 92,000+), Amdocs is gearing up to release a new report looking at mobile operator attitudes and activities around mobile payments. Here is an exclusive preview of the key findings.

Topic: Media Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Mixi SVP Tak Miyata Talks Mobile Apps & Mobile-Enabled Commerce

mixi logoIn the countdown to Apps World Asia (September 1-2, Singapore) we speak with Tak Miyata, senior vice president of global business at Mixi, the fast-growing and number one social network in Japan about Mixi's strategy to expand its communications platform, enable third-party developers to make mobile apps for its members and encourage commerce that bridges online (digital) and offline (physical).

Mixi started out in 2004 allowing its users to post photos, share comments and links, and interact on community pages and forums based on themes ranging from recipes to rock-n-roll.

Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Peggy Anne Salz

COM #250: Nokia Quiz, Apple’s iCloud, Mobile Ad Networks, Mobile Web Influencers List

Carnival MobilistsThe monthly Carnival of the Mobilists (COM) sets up camp at MobileGroove with an entertaining and eclectic mix of themes and topics that speak volumes about recent developments in mobile. From a curated list of Mobile Web influencers to an examination of the pros and cons of mobile apps, it's all there - so let's dive in!

Tomi Ahonen is in rare form this month with a deliciously disruptive post dripping with sarcasm. It would be a great laugh if it was only fiction. But this quiz, which tests our ability to run Nokia into the ground (as it appears Microsoft and Stephen Elop are doing as we speak), is based on keen observations from a long-time Nokia watcher (and former employee).

Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Peggy Anne Salz

European Retail Goes Mobile; How Do Europe’s Top 300 Brands Stack Up?

mobile retail readinessWhat is the state of mobile retail readiness in Europe? How are Europe's biggest retail brands extending their brand experience through mobile? What approaches are retailers taking to engage influence consumers throughout the purchase funnel (awareness, engagement, consideration, conversion and loyalty)?

Get the inside track by joining MobileGroove and Acquity Group executives this Wednesday (June 22) for Global Insight: European Retail Goes Mobile. The 30-minute online webinar (12-12:30 CST or click here to see the time in your region) will deep dive into the trends and mobile intelligence gleaned from Acquity's first-ever European Mobile Audit of the top 300 European retail brands.

Topic: Mobile Commerce Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Premier Inn: Attracting Premium Customers With Cross-Platform Approach

premier inn logoWould you block people who drive an SUV from parking and entering your store? Probably not? So why focus your mobile app strategy on serving users of a single device (such as the iPhone, for example)? iPhone apps may be popular. But limiting your mobile strategy to one platform effectively discriminates against customers on the basis of their technology preference. Not a smart move. We look at Premier Inn, a hospitality brand in the U.K. that wracked up record downloads (and bookings) by offering a cross-platform app that works on all leading devices.

In 2010 Premier Inn noticed that a large percentage of their bookings were being made last-minute by business professionals and people on-the-move. However, the vast majority of these premium customers were not using their desktop PC to find and book rooms, they were using their mobile devices. Or at least they were trying to.

Topic: Mobile Commerce Author: Billy Burnett

Mobile Retail Opportunity Explodes: Oracle & ATG

48 PERCENT OF U.S. CONSUMERS RESEARCED PRODUCTS ON A MOBILE DEVICE WHILE IN-STORE in December 2010, according to research from Oracle and ATG. This represented a 78 percent increase compared to November 2009, when just 29 percent of consumers were using their mobile devices for research in-store.

Unsurprisingly, the data shows that younger consumers (ages 18-34) were the most avid in-store researchers (60 percent), up 46 percent from November 2009 (41 percent). But the real opportunity just may be a more mature demographic.

Topic: Mobile Commerce Author: Matt Anderson

Mobile Operators Must Accelerate Contactless Payments To Stay Relevant

contacless paymentApple, Google and Nokia and Blackberry are bent on embedding contactless payment technology (NFC) into their devices, thus making it possible for consumers to buy goods and services in physical shops and locations.

Each OEM is at a different stage on their experimentation with this technology. Nokia already offers several devices that support NFC; Apple is going ahead with its own NFC initiative; Google claims it will support mobile payments (via NFC) in the near future; and Blackberry has said it will support NFC in devices going forward.

Topic: Mobile Commerce Author: Matt Anderson

Capitalizing On Operator Billing Opportunities In Developed & Developing Markets

mobile payment opportunitiesEditor's note: We continue today with part 2 of this series looking at the opportunities in mobile payments -- and where mobile operators need to focus their efforts if they want to stay in the game.

Where is the real opportunity in mobile payments?

Developed markets are tough ones to crack, since consumers already buy a significant amount of goods and services (real stuff in real stores and digital content in the iTunes store) with their credit cards.

Topic: Mobile Commerce Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Build Trust, Ask Permission & Have Some Fun; M&S Talks Mobile Marketing Strategy

sienne veitWe are entering into a new and critical phase of development in the mobile marketing industry. The discussion no longer centers on whether mobile fits in then marketing mix. Today we are debating where mobile fits best in the customer journey and whether marketers should craft mobile campaigns that focus on customer acquisition or retention.

According to M&S (Marks & Spencer), a leading U.K. retailer, the answer is all of the above.

Specifically, mobile has earned a place in every part of the sales cycle. From text alerts to customers on products and offers they are likely to appreciate (delivered only after customers have opted-in to receive them) to website functionality that allows them to buy what they want where they want, M&S has put mobile at the center of all they do.