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Why Communication Can Make Or Break Your App Experience

App communication experienceAs we use apps to do more, the role of communications — both in enabling a good app experience and in encouraging lasting engagement — has never been more important. Add to that a raft of recent research that shows our requirement for customer service and support via mobile apps is also on the rise, and it is difficult to …

Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Mapping The Hidden Cost Of Mobile Apps

alcatel-lucent mobile app rankings reportThe App Economy is not just exploding, generating revenues for the app developers that monetize their apps with the aid of traditional mobile advertising, in-app purchases and clever approaches that harness native ads to deliver a more integrated ­— hence engaging — experience. Mobile apps, which demand bandwidth, eat battery life and devour data plans, are also generating costs that …

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Apponomics: The Insider’s Guide to a Billion Dollar App Business (InMobi, February 2014)

From user acquisition and understanding LTV, and from tackling app discovery to taking your app global, my 330+ page guide (written in partnership with InMobi) provides you everything you need to turn your app into a serious and sustainable business. I draw from dozens of real world case studies, developer interviews, and in-depth research to help developers make the right choices at every stage of the app life-cycle.

Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Peggy Anne Salz

NEW: Mobile App Loyalty & CRM Report

Gigaom report and special offerJust in time for the holidays: a summary of my new Gigaom Research report, Managing The Complete Customer Experience: Encouraging Engagement With Mobile And Apps, and a special offer to collaborate with Gigaom Research, which I am extending to the MobileGroove community in Europe.

With a fast-growing and appealing customer base now utilizing mobile devices  — and specifically mobile apps …

Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Eurapp Project: Sizing And Stimulating Europe’s App Economy

Eurapp workshopThe explosion of mobile devices, the advance of increasingly improving wireless networks, and the adoption of cloud technologies by enterprises and developer companies alike, have moved the mobile app market into a boom phase. In the U.S. the Application Developers Alliance reports the App Economy is a significant driver, creating 519,000 jobs nationwide. It’s easy to imagine that demand for …

Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Can London Steal The Lead From Silicon Valley: AppShed & Tony Fish

london next silicon valleyIn the run up to this year’s ForumOxford — the truly interactive un-conference all about mobile startups and apps — the discussion centers on not whether London can compete with Silicon Valley, but rather how London can (and will) cultivate a new breed of startups that change the game.

It’s a key question that my panel (Russell Buckley, Tony Fish …

Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Last Call Mobile App Makers & Startups Network: Forum Oxford

forum oxfordWhether you have a great app or a good idea, mobile startups need solid advice to map out winning strategies and build a serious business. This is why this year’s Forum Oxford (taking place this Friday — November 23 —in Oxford, U.K.) is sharply focused on providing attendees the tools and insights they need to take their ventures to …

Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Suzie Mitchell

Mobile App Developers: Know Your Boomers

baby boomers mobile appsWhy are so many mobile developers so blind to the Boomer opportunity? Is it because they believe that Boomers — people born from 1946-1964 — are so far behind the times that they cannot possibly appreciate ‘shiny shiny’ apps let alone invest in the smartphones to deliver the experience? Suzie Mitchell ‘knows’ Boomers and shows why mobile developers need to …

Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Ciaran Bradley

Mobile Security: What’s REALLY At Stake For Mobile Operators

Mobile security what is at sake for operatorsAs mobile takes a center role in our lives —becoming the device we reach for to access information, conduct transactions and manage our homes, cars and daily routine — an increasing number of serious security concerns move to the forefront. Ciaran Bradley examines this evolution and the impact on key members of the ecosystem, particularly mobile operators.

* * *

Topic: Mobile Apps Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Frank Meehan, Horizons Ventures VC: Why Operators Should Follow Telefónica & AT&T Innovation Blueprint

CHETAN SHARMA MOBILE BREAKFAST SERIES PREVIEW: Frank Meehan, part of the Horizons Ventures VC team, tells us how mobile operators can stay relevant by moving innovation activities outside of the company (like Telefónica Digital), or by identifying and claiming a lucrative niche (example AT&T and its Digital Home connected home and security offer).


While messaging traffic continues to grow, …