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Mobile Security: What’s REALLY At Stake For Mobile Operators

Topic: Mobile Apps | Author: Ciaran Bradley | Date: June 20, 2012

Mobile security what is at sake for operatorsAs mobile takes a center role in our lives —becoming the device we reach for to access information, conduct transactions and manage our homes, cars and daily routine — an increasing number of serious security concerns move to the forefront. Ciaran Bradley examines this evolution and the impact on key members of the ecosystem, particularly mobile operators.

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Frank Meehan, Horizons Ventures VC: Why Operators Should Follow Telefónica & AT&T Innovation Blueprint

Topic: Mobile Apps | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: May 23, 2012

CHETAN SHARMA MOBILE BREAKFAST SERIES PREVIEW: Frank Meehan, part of the Horizons Ventures VC team, tells us how mobile operators can stay relevant by moving innovation activities outside of the company (like Telefónica Digital), or by identifying and claiming a lucrative niche (example AT&T and its Digital Home connected home and security offer).


While messaging traffic continues to grow, …

Mobile Usage Hot Trends: Mobile Apps, Multi-screen & Mobile Video

Topic: Mobile Apps, Mobile Research | Author: Jeff Hasen | Date: May 18, 2012

mobile videoMobile apps or mobile Web? If the goal is to reach as many makes and models of devices, then mobile-optimized websites are a natural first choice. If it’s about building “experiences”, then mobile apps — front and center on our smartphones— may have some advantages. It’s often a confusing decision for marketers to make, and the right choice depends on …

Show Us Your App; Enter AppCircus at BlackBerry 10 Jam By FRIDAY

Topic: Mobile Apps | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: April 25, 2012

app circusGive yourself a chance to win with apps that have impact. BlackBerry developers everywhere on the planet have until FRIDAY (April 27) to enter their app in AppCircus at BlackBerry 10 Jam, an app competition powered by AppCircus,  the global showcase of apps organized by the great guys over at dotopen.

The competition is open to all developers who are …

M-PULSE ANALYSIS: Make Great Mobile Apps By Borrowing From Responsive Web Design?

Topic: Media, Mobile Apps | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: April 18, 2012

responsive web designAt M-Pulse we make the transition to an all-app show, using our platform to bring our growing audience of mobile app developers and brands the information and insights essential to produce and promote engaging and effective applications. We kick off with a look at design and why it comes first — full stop — and connect with Arturo Toldeo,

Biznar Mobile Search App: 5 Qs With CEO Abe Lederman

Topic: Mobile Apps, Search | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: April 12, 2012

questions for BiznarIn this companion post to our Biznar mobile search app road test we catch up with Abe Lederman, CEO of Deep Web Technologies to explore his mobile roadmap and aim to open up more to third-parties and app developers.

Let’s start with a high-level view of Deep Web Technologies…

Deep Web Technologies started in 2002. We’re about 20 people, …

M-Pulse ANALYSIS: inneractive Cracks The Code On Mobile App Monetization

Topic: Media, Mobile Apps | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: April 5, 2012

At M-Pulse Rob Woodbridge and I catch up with Itay Gadot, VP Marketing at inneractive, to dissect app monetization models, debate the realistic range of eCPMs (and revenues) developers can expect and discuss the increasing (and surprising!) importance of rich media ads in the marketing mix.

The interview is entertaining and hands-on, in part because Innteractive has seen the market from all the angles. Founded in 2007 as an in-game ad network, inneractive has since evolved into a mobile app monetization exchange that pulls together the resources (and reach) of 100+ ad networks and local premium agencies.

Three Quick Tips To Monetize Your Mobile App

Topic: Mobile Apps, Mobile Marketing | Author: Hillel Fuld | Date: March 29, 2012

3 quick app tipsThe avalanche of mobile apps turns up the pressure on individual mobile developers to find new ways to rise above the noise and generate meaningful revenues. A great app is a good start, but developers determined to build a serious business also need a solid monetization strategy. Hillel Fuld shares three tips aimed at generating more clicks and — ultimately— more revenues.


Most mobile app developers have realized that earning a living from their activities is no walk in the park. Not every app achieves the success of Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, or Fruit Ninja. Putting aside the issue of getting a mobile app discovered and downloaded, developers, especially on Android, are finding it increasingly difficult to generate any significant revenue from their apps.

M-Pulse ANALYSIS: Bango Helps Mobile App Developers Hone Their Sales Pitch

Topic: Media, Mobile Apps | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: March 27, 2012

bango enabling app paymentsAt M-Pulse it's a month dedicated to mobile developer issues and we talk mobile app business basics opportunities with Ray Anderson, co-founder and CEO of Bango, a U.K.-based billing and analytics company that enables mobile developers to collect money for their apps.

But it's not just about providing a platform that makes it possible for mobile app developers to sell apps and collect payments using carrier billing. Bango has cleverly inserted itself at the center of the burgeoning App Economy, collecting data and insights (about how users pay and how they prefer to be treated when they make their next purchase). It's a stockpile of anonymized data that allows app

New Nuance Research Reveals Serious Mobile App Shortcomings; Banks Have Lots To Learn

Topic: Mobile Apps, Research | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: March 23, 2012

unsatisfactory customer service appsWhat do we really want from our branded, self-service mobile apps? The numbers tell a mixed story. Usage data shows we appreciate instant access to the companies we do business with via mobile apps aimed at taking the heavy lifting out of resolving customer service issues and questions. Meantime, a raft of reports suggests the appeal of instantly downloading the latest apps is losing its luster.

But rather than speculate about consumer attitudes toward customer service apps Nuance teamed up with Vocalabs to find out what consumers really think about their self-service apps. The findings are a wake up call for companies everywhere.

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