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How to contribute

MobileGroove is inviting opinion pieces to educate our community on ‘all things connected’ and spark discussion about how (and why) mobile is impacting business and society at all levels.

From mobile marketing and messaging to mobile commerce and coupons, and from mobile apps and websites to mobile engagement and loyalty, we welcome your columns and contributions.

Submit a one-paragraph summary of the topic you want to write about — and your take on it — to me at

Be sure to provide your Skype handle or contact details so we can schedule a follow up call to discuss your idea and the ideal structure for a guest column at MobileGroove.

  • Columns should have a 750 word count, with exceptions for longer pieces based on prior discussion with me
  • Sentences and paragraphs should be short and ‘to the point’
  • Mobile industry jargon should be avoided
  • Don’t not use this opportunity as a platform to promote their product or services
  • Original content is preferred

Need inspiration? Check out the other articles and contributions here on MobileGroove, or simply find a fresh angle to link your views to the news, issues and trends of the day.


Peggy Anne Salz