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NEW! Achieving App Impact: Using SMS To Encourage Ongoing Engagement

Topic: Books, Mobile Apps, Research | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: October 10, 2012

Achieving app impact Smart developers understand that selling apps is a serious business. But a raft of research suggests a singular focus on driving downloads is patently flawed. It’s really how well app developers can persuade us to make their app part of our regular routine that will make or break their app business. Winning is all about making the right choices to …

MobileGroove Catches The Wave; Wave Collapse Gets The ‘Groove’

Topic: Books, Mobile Marketing, Research | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: September 18, 2012

MobileGroove catches the waveMobile is a tidal wave that is rocking the mobile marketing and advertising industry, moving brands to create comprehensive strategies that put mobile first. It’s a mobile mega-trend that has inspired me to collaborate with Joy Liuzzo — the president of Wave Collapse, who is perhaps best known for her milestone work and research at Insight Express — to deliver …

Dancing With Digital Natives Helps Brands Keep In Step

Topic: Books, Mobile Marketing, Research | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: April 3, 2012

dancing with digital nativesMobile changes all of the rules, especially in marketing and advertising where the advance of mobile devices has moved brands to pursue conversions and conversations. While the end-game is about influencing us to take an action via our mobile devices that the marketing intended (typically making a purchase, or reacting positively to the campaign call-to-action to download an app, for example), the challenge is even greater when the target audience is the generation of Digital Natives.

These hyper-connected and super-social individuals expect (even demand) marketers to conduct conversations with them and — more importantly — listen to their responses. And advertising they are delivered must match the context of what matters most to these Millennials: their lives, their experiences, their networks and their worlds.

Atlas’ Game-Changing Sports Fan App & Social Network: Bad News For Facebook?

Topic: Books, Mobile Marketing, Social Media | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: November 30, 2011

sports fan mobile appSocial networks allow us to share and discuss our passions with people everywhere on the planet. Up until now this free exchange has known only one barrier: the digital fence erected by the social network provider. But a new mobile app from Atlas Premium Brands (APB) could do more than turn the tables on the likes of Facebook; it could also provide brands and advertisers a much-needed opportunity to join the conversation.

When it comes to mobile sports content, Atlas is a major league player with an innovative mobile business model. The company— official and exclusive mobile partner of several leading soccer teams including Chelsea, Liverpool FC and Real Madrid with exclusive mobile and Internet rights to players and teams within the premiership league across in territories worldwide, including the Middle East, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Vietnam and all countries in Africa —has built up a stockpile of rights and relationships. The ability to connect teams and their fans (and gather all the CRM data it produces) is a core capability Atlas plans to monetize big-time through today's release of Second Screen.

Netsize Guide by Gemalto: Truly Mobile; 10th Edition Goes Live Today!

Topic: Books, Featured, Research | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: November 29, 2011

netsize guide by gemaltoMobile industry data points across 40+ countries, exclusive C-level interviews with over a dozen companies and organizations shaping our mobile future, three over-arching mobile mega-trends that define next year's business agenda (and our society), and everything (!) you need to understand the state of mobile and prepare for the future.

True to its 10-year tradition the new Netsize Guide — titled Netsize Guide by Gemalto: Truly Mobile — offers us all this and more in one comprehensive industry resource, available from today for free download.

Finalist For Best Business Book 2011, Finalizing New Mobile Industry Guide

Topic: Books, Mobile Marketing, Research | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: November 7, 2011

best business book finalist 2011It's exciting times at MobileGroove. Last week I finalized the last chapters of the Netsize Guide by Gemalto (the new edition of the mobile industry analysis I have authored on behalf of my client, Netsize, for the last four years), and I learned that Dancing With Digital Natives: Staying in Step With the Generation That's Transforming the Way Business is Done — a book that includes a chapter on mobile marketing I wrote outlining how (and why) companies can effectively engage with Millennials — was named an "Award-Winning Finalist" in the Business category of The USA "Best Books 2011" Awards, sponsored by USA Book News.

The contributors to this book include the editors Michelle Manafy and Heidi Gautschi, as well as Mary Ann Bell, Shashi Bellamkonda, Sarah Bryans Bongey, Jami L. Carlacio, Albert M. Erisman, Brynn Evans, Susan Evans, Lance Heidig, David Hubbard, Richard Hull, Marshall Lager, Christa M. Miller, Emilie Moreau, Carolina M. Reid, Michael Russell, Arana Shapiro, Dan Schawbel, Rebecca Rufo-Tepper, and Robert J. Torres.

Coke’s Tom Daly Talks Mobile Marketing Strategy & Branded Apps

Topic: Books, Mobile Marketing | Author: Peggy Anne Salz | Date: April 18, 2011

coke logoThe new, updated Netsize Guide (released in December 2010) counts over almost 2,500 downloads. A main attraction is the exclusive interview with Tom Daly, Coca-Cola Group Manager, Global Connections, a mover in the mobile space who walks us through some of the brands' recent marketing campaigns -- and impressive results.

Few major brands are as sophisticated in their use of the mobile channel as Coca-Cola. To date the company has embraced a wide variety of activities and mechanisms, including apps, games, high-performing SMS campaigns, and even a music download store. At the other end of the spectrum, Coca-Cola has also reported successful mobile commerce trials involving mobile phones and specially