Author: Michelle Manafy

Michelle is the Director of Content at Free Pint Ltd., a publisher of sites and resources that support the value of information throughout the enterprise. She is co-editor of, and a contributor to, the book Dancing With Digital Natives: Staying in Step With the Generation That’s Transforming the Way Business is Done. Michelle is a popular public speaker, serves as a judge for many content and technology competitions and was the editor of the book Cashing in With Content: How Innovative Marketers Use Digital Information to Turn Browsers into Buyers, by David Meerman Scott. Follow Michelle on Twitter @michellemanafy.

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Michelle Manafy

Digital Natives Are Distracted; Why Marketers Have To Think Here, Now & Bite-Sized

The right content (or advertising) delivered to the right person in the right context. Mobile makes it possible, but a new study throws a discomforting variable back into this perfect equation. Digital Natives are multi-tasking to the max, making it harder than ever for content companies and brands owners to delight their customers for more than minutes at a stretch. …

Topic: Research Author: Michelle Manafy

Money Isn’t Everything: Rethink Incentives To Motivate Millennials

From marketing and advertising, to media and business, the impact of the always-connected, socially networked Digital Native on our society is profound. Michelle Manafy draws from her book Dancing With Digital Natives and personal observations to argue why the rise of Millennials forces a massive rethink of all systems based on command-and-control. Timed to this must-read BBC series on the Future of Work the key message in Michelle's work comes through loud and clear: The future model for everything (including work) is coordinate-and-cultivate. In this first column Michelle connects the dots in key data points to provide organizations advice on how they can motivate Millennials to deliver their best.

Businesses need to stay in step with Digital Natives. Yet it can be a struggle to choreograph an elegant dance when Millennials don't lead or follow in the "traditional" way.

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Michelle Manafy

New Book Reveals How To Work, Create & Sell With Digital Natives

From marketing to media the digital native generation is impacting all aspects of how we do business. Michelle Manafy, a contributor to and co-editor (with Heidi Gautschi) of the new book Dancing With Digital Natives: Staying in Step with the Generation That is Transforming the Way Business is Done (May 2011) tells why we must all learn to participate in two-way conversations.

Since you're a reader of MobileGroove, odds are you have one or more mobile devices within arms reach right now. You are pretty likely to fall into the early adopter category as well. However unless you were born since 1980 or so, you are what is known as a digital immigrant. Face it: No matter how techno-hip you are, you find yourself at the precipice of one hell of a generation gap.