Author: Alex Vratskides

Topic: Mobile Marketing Author: Alex Vratskides

Deal Or No Deal; Survey Spells Out Secret To Boosting Mobile Response Rates

personalization challengeFaced with a dramatic and continuous double-digit decline in the ‘average revenue per user’ (ARPU) mobile operators have to learn how to sell more services to more customers better. But don't think that broadcasting offers to an even broader subscriber base will do the trick. Alex Vratskides argues that operators will have to embrace other mobile marketing approaches to make a convincing (and personalized) pitch.


A recent report from Wireless Intelligence reveals that ARPU across the 27 European Union countries has dropped by a staggering 20 percent over the last three years -- and the decline continues. While prices for voice calls continue to fall, consumer demand for data usage—most notably video—is on the rise. But it's hardly a reason for mobile operators to break out the champagne, since delivering data and video requires them to make significant investments in their network capabilities.